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V5000EH-AB/C Isothermal Freezer

V5000EH-AB/C Carousel Freezer


• No need to remove one rack to

   retrieve another

• No unnecessary exposure to

   room temperatures

• Carousel is rotated from outside

   of the freezer eliminating the risk

   of injury or temperature


• Exceptional temperature


• Easy access to samples

   from the front of the freezer

• Removable console allows for

   complete access to the sample

   storage space if necessary

• CBS Isothermal Carousel

   freezers are cooled by a

   PATENTED liquid nitrogen

   jacket, with no liquid in the

   sample storage space


   FREEZER available

• No risk of cross-contamination

   through liquid nitrogen contact

   of the need for special packaging

• The isothermal design also

   provides added user-safety

   eliminating contact or splashing

   of liquid nitrogen


LN2 Capacity (Liters): 140
Weight Empty lbs(kg): 997 (452)
Weight Full lbs(kg): 1,247 (566)

Exterior Dimensions: Inches (MM)

Width: 47 (1,194)
Depth: 54 (1,372)

Height: 54.5 (1,384)

Interior Dimensions: Inches (MM)

Usable Height: 32 (813)
Usable Diameter: 38.5 (978)


Maximum Storage Capacities:


Vials (2ml): 42,000

Blood Bags (50ml): 1,968

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• Aluminum Square Racks

• Stainlees Steel Square Racks

• Vertical Racks

• Mini Racks
• Canister and Frame Systems

• Vials

• Boxes

• Canisters / Cassettes

• Platform Dividers

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