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V5000EH-AB Canister & Frame Configurations

  Baxter Fenwal  
Bag Number: 4R9951
Part Number: ZS900EH
Bag Number: 4R9953
Part Number: ZS901EH
Bag Number: 4R9955
Part Number: ZS902EH
  Bag Number: 4R9957
Part Number: ZS903EH
  Medsep & Pall  
  Bag Number: 791 OS/U
Part Number: ZS910MEH
Bag Number: DF-200
Part Number: ZS908EH
Bag Number: DF-700
Part Number: ZS909EH
The above canister and frame configurations are examples of the most efficient way to maximize your V5000EH-AB Isothermal freezer's storage space. Please note that there are many other ways to configure your freezer for your specific needs. If you are looking to store your samples differently or store samples other than the one's we show here please feel free to Contact Custom BioGenic Systems at (586)-331-2600 or and we will be happy to help you maximize your storage space with anything you need to store.

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