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OnlineTemperature Monitoring Solution
Aids in 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

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LLCB-1B Liquid Level Controller With Bypass


• Level sensor pressure transducer
• High & Low level audible and    visual alarms
• Liquid level display in inches on    front panel

• Secured power tampering    through key-switch

• Remote alarm connection

• Installation kits available

• Additional option of venting warm    LN2 vapor


• Controlling liquid level

• Controlling liquid level with units on    a pipeline


Power Requirements: 120V AC
Weight lbs(kg): 3 (1.36)

Exterior Dimensions: Inches (MM)

Length: 6.3 (160)

Width: 8.125 (206)

Height: 3.25 (83)


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LLCB-1B Liquid Nitrogen Level Controller with Bypass

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