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2101 Controlled Rate Freezing System

2101 Controlled Rate Freezer - Custom BioGenic Systems

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Standard System Consists of:


  • Laptop controller with 2100 software
  • Freezing chamber
  • Choice of sample rack
  • 4ft transfer line




  • Laptop controller using Windows based operating system.
  • Unlimited programming capability.
  • Multi-color graphing of sample, chamber and program temperature.
  • Temperature set points by sample or chamber.
  • Programs and freeze data saved to hard drive or disc.
  • Password protected software.
  • Searchable database for freeze run history.
  • Freeze run graphs and data available via any standard USB printer.
  • 30 data fields available for each freeze run.
  • Continuous digital and graph display for time and temperature during operation.
  • Manual overrides for all operating functions.
  • Temperature range +50°C to -180°C.
  • Freezing rates of 0.01° to 99.9° per minute.
  • Program temperature hold of 1 second to 99 hours.
  • Six pre-set easy to run freeze programs.

Features / Specifications

Chamber Specifications


Power requirements:

   120 volt 50/60 Hz, 10 amp, or

   230 volt 50/60 Hz, 10 amp


Outside dimensions:

   Depth: 25 1/2"(648mm)(including vent)

   Height: 29 1/4"(743mm)
   (including computer)

   Width: 19 1/16"(484mm)
   (Including Hose Connection)


Inside Dimensions:

   Depth: 9 9/16"(243mm)

   Height: 13 3/4"(349mm)

   Width: 14"(356mm)

   28 liters

2101 Controlled rate freezing system

Examples of some operating and programming screens

2101 Controlled rate freezing software Temperatuer controlled Graphing of multiple probe temperatures
Main menu screen for selection of all system functions Run screen provides all details of actual freeze runs during operation, plus all manual override controls. Data view screen showing "Heat of Fusion"
Controlled Rate Freezing accessories

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