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Isothermal Straw Freezer

Straw storage system for V1500-AB & V3000-AB

Ideal for straw storage applications.

Isothermal dry storage with uniform temperatures throughout the freezer from -195°C to -190°C.

3 level rotating carousel provides convenient inventory control and maximizes storage space.

The middle and lower levels are ideal for medium and long term storage respectively, whilst the upper level can be used for storage and as a workspace for viewing and manipulating samples at -190°C.

Easy and safe retrieval of samples using the patented retrieval tool.



REquest a Quote for a Straw Storage System

Straw in goblets stored in canisters Easy to use lazy susan straw storage system

360 Straws in 36 Goblets are stored in each canister (10 straws per Goblet)*


*Maximum capacity is subject to straw diameter. Straws and goblets are not supplied.

How the system works.  
Canisters with goblets containing straws can be worked on inside the unit

The upper level provides a convenient workspace where canisters can be parked (shown in green) and samples inspected at -190°C.
Rotating carousels provide access to lower storage levels and maximize storage spaceEasily access all canister with the retrival device provided in the system

Why is dry storage important?

Safety. Storage in liquid nitrogen can make vials shrink. This may cause liquid nitrogen to seep into the vials, which on re-warming, expand and subsequently explode as nitrogen vaporizes inside the vials. Dry storage eliminates this possibility. Also, the Isothermal design provides added user safety by eliminating contact with or splashing of liquid nitrogen.

Cross Contamination. Studies have shown that viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens can survive after suspension in liquid nitrogen. Infected samples can cross contaminate other samples in the same liquid nitrogen tank. Dry storage greatly reduces the possibility of cross contamination.

  By turning the Retractor Knob the blade rotates and engages in the slots of the canister for easy, safe removal from the freezer. Canister retrival device before lock down          locked down retrival device
Capacity (.25ml straws in 9.5mm goblets) V1500SS V3000SS
Top Level (canisters / .25ml straws) 20 / 7,200 51 / 18,360
Mid Level (canisters / .25ml straws) 20 / 7,200 51 / 18,360
Lower Level (canisters / .25ml straws) 28 / 10,080 68 / 24,480
Total (canisters / .25ml straws) 68 / 24,480 170 / 61,200

Our 2301 controller is time tested and reliable.

New 16 Port Connector

0-5 volt outputs provide temperature & level data for connection to existing alarm/monitor system.

4-20 mA outputs provide temperature & level data for connection to existing alarm/monitor system.

Sequential and One-Fill-All-Fill input and output connection for filling systems.

New two level temperature display option

Temp. A displays temperature at the lid, approximately 11"(27.94cm).

Temp. B displays temperature inside the storage space, approximately 20"(50.80cm).

2301 Controller for Monitoring Freezer status

Additional Features

Records 12 alarms & events such as fill start, fill stop, etc. with dated time stamp, printed or displayed.

Download cryomonitor data files to PC and convert them to .csv files for use in Microsoft Excel.

Ethernet and auxiliary RS485 for future expansion.

Dedicated 24Vdc signal output to activate a third 24Vdc valve to control the LN2 supply.

Global Remote Alarm - Dry contact that switches during any alarm condition.

Data Log - Print or display Temp. A, Temp. B and level with date and time stamp.

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