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Vapor Shippers & Transport Containers

SC 2/1V

Vapor Shipper

SC 2/1V Vapor Shippers

SC 4/2V

Vapor Shipper


SC 4/2V Vapor Shippers

SC 4/3V

Vapor Shipper


SC 4/3V Vapor Shippers


Transport Container


CF-9511 Transport Container


Vapor Shipper


DS-3 Vapor Shipper


The DS-3 Vapor Shipper is designed for the safe transportation of biological samples at cryogenic temperatures. Fabricated from durable, lightweight aluminum, the DS-3 contains a hydro-phobic absorbent compund which holds the liquid nitrogen. The absorbent compound also repels moisture and humidity, assuring the maximum holding time. A protective shipping carton is available for all models which protects the container from being placed on its side and helps in withstanding the rigors of transportation. These containers can be used to ship your samples with a "non-hazardous" classification throughout the world.

The CF-9511 Transport Container is also a high-quality unit, primarily for use in moving samples over shorter distances, such as from one lab to another.


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